September 25, 2007

better than "post-it" -notes

Im Moment arbeite ich an ganz lieben Dingen für meine Weihnachtsverkaufsausstellungen und eine Menge Ideen und andere Sachen zum Erinnern verwirren mir den Kopf - Zettelwirtschaft droht... Ich hoffe, ich gehe eines Tages nicht unter... Diese kleinen Post-its sind zwar superpraktisch, aber attraktiv sind sie nicht gerade, oder?

Zu meiner Rettung habe ich gerade ein paar neue Kluppen bemalt - mit denen bringe ich meine Notizen praktisch überall: an Blumentopf, an Vorhänge...

* * * * * * * *
At the moment I'm working on different products to get ready for Christmas and thus have quite a lot of ideas and things to remember in my mind. I'm afraid one day I will get lost unter hundreds of small notes... But these no-doubt-very-practical post-it fellows are not really "attractive", right?

Here's how a solved my problem! It's also pretty practical to put these little fellows with a piece of note everywhere: on a flowerpot, on my curtains... on my toothbrush... ;-)

September 23, 2007

so ein tag, so wunderschön wie heute...

Liebe Freunde der kleinen Monster!
Die kleinen Lieben sind zu haben in meinem internet shop

Wenn du erfahren möchtest, wie ich dazu gekommen bin, kannst du gerne über meine ersten Schritte als Blogger auf Lottamarias nachlesen. Weitermachen werde ich hier!
Dear friends of my little monsters!
My little friends are available in my little internet shop!
If you are interested to hear, how I came to all this please read my first steps on blogging at lottamaria I will continue blogging here!

One of my favorite sayings is:"Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans."In the beginning of the beginning of my blogging exercises I wrote on 23 July 2007

. . .I usually don't have to worry about having nothing to do... Oh, no! Reading all the lovely blogs (by the way: until about a monts ago I used to think I don't need a blog...) I find so many fantastic things I would like to try as well! Nevertheless, for some time I have been feeling as if there was something missing. Like... a place of my own to sort out my thoughts? Okay. What to do? The kids are not willing to give away their rooms. We are not planning to get a new flat, not to even talk about a house. I will start my own blog! This idea has kept me pretty busy the last few weeks. Sure, I still will have to sort out my thoughts! But today is as good as any other day to get started. To be continued. Let's see what comes. So nice to meet you!
. . . I have been kind of learning this blogging business - searching for my kind of thing. . . I think I've found it. My kind of thing is definitely my blog. You can read here those first post. All this has absolutely to do with my little mascot "monsterangel". Please find her and some of her friends in photoalbum.